Total Telos mission as a block producer is to support the Proton Blockchain and strengthen its ecosystem.

At Totaltelos we firmly believe blockchain is a powerful tool for companies future and our goal is to publicize and bring blockchain and its advantages closer to the business world in their B2B and B2A relations. currently many processes in the companies need a third part, often slow and expensive, to certify their transactions. That is where blockchain is especially strong.


No gas fees

All user transactions are completely free

4000 t/s

It can handle far more traffic than blockchain apps are currently collectively capable of.


Telos has a super fast EVM decentralized and eco-friendly

WHO IS TotalTelos?

Based in Barcelona, Spain

Our servers are located in Terrassa and Barcelona, Spain. We have more than 30 years experience developing applications and managing servers.

We are part of an innovation project both in blockchain and artificial intelligence.

We always act in good faith and support of the Telos blockchain.

Block Producer

TotalTelos is a Block Producer with the aim to strenght Telos Blockchain with fast and secure servers.


TotalTelos also participates in other Antelope Blockchains as ProtonChain where is TotalProton top 21 BP. It ensures wide knowloedge


TotalTelos is developing a open source Delphi / Pascal FrameWork to access Antelope / Leap blockchain.